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The three layers of your quilt will be loaded independently of one another.

Do not pin or baste the layers or attach the binding ahead of time

Mark the top of quilt top and backing with a safety pin or piece of masking tape if it matters which end is up.

Do not attach any buttons, beads, plastic or metal pieces, or leave any pins in your top or bottom/backing.

Iron your top and backing and make sure seams are pressed open. This is an important step in the process of turning out a flat quilt, so take your time.

It is really, really important to have your quilt top seams ironed flat. We can perform this service for you, please see pricing and order form.

Quilt Top

Press seams well.
Cut loose threads, both front and back.  These can show through, cause snags and uneven stitching.
If you have bias edges in your border, we recommend you machine baste 1/8" from the edge of your quilt to help stop stretch while quilting.
If you want curved corners, please wait to cut the curves after the quilting is finished.

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Sides should be straight and the backing squared. Save the fee for squaring and make sure that your backing is square.

If sending batting and backing, please leave at least eight inches longer and eight inches wider than your quilt top.  If your quilt top is 60” x 80”, the batting and backing should measure 68” x 88”.

If backing is seamed, press all seams well. If you have a preference, let me know where you want the seam to fall. 
If you want to seam your own backing, please make sure it is trimmed even and straight on all edges.  Make sure you cut the selvages off the seam allowances that are inside the quilt, because they can pull the backing unevenly and cause puckers during the quilting process. Selvage can be left on the outer edges as it makes a very stable edge and will be trimmed off later.

Bed sheets may not be suitable because of their high thread count. 

CQ has 96" and 115" wide bleached and unbleached muslin as well as prints in 115" width, all at a reasonable price.  You can see these fabrics on the Backing.


If you send batting, please check the package to be sure it is suitable for machine quilting. SAVE money, FUSABLE batting is not preferred for longarm quilting.

Battings have recommended quilt stitch spacing.  Please choose the appropriate batting for the size and type of design. 

You do not need to send batting for any of the services. We carry cotton, wool and poly blends. We also have Soy and Bamboo Batting.  You can see these fabrics on the Batting page. If you have a specific need, please let us know and we may be able to purchase for you.

Final words
After all the instructions above, the bottom line is
CQ takes pride and joy in each and every quilt.
We love being part of your quilt and "Finishing Projects" for you.


  1. Complete the order form for each quilt.  Include any special instructions. 
  2. Place quilt, binding material(if applicable), backing material(if applicable), batting (if applicable), and order form in plastic bag and seal. If shipping more than one quilt, include order for for each.
  3. Do not use the word “quilt” on the outside of the box where someone will see it and suspect what is inside. Please ship in a secure box that will accommodate the finished quilt.
  4. Insure your package for the replacement cost in case of loss or damage.

    For safety address the box personally to me:
    Mark Clark
    2018 Mill Creek Drive
    Arlington, TX 76010

If paying by charge card, do not send card information.  Custom Quilters will e-mail you an itemized invoice with your total along with a secure link to PayPal where you can enter the information for payment.  Your private information is never out of your hands and the payment is secure.  If paying by check, or money order, we appreciate including the down payment with the quilt.  However, Custom Quilters will e-mail or mail you an itemized invoice and you can mail a personal check or money order.  Once the personal check has cleared, the quilt is shipped to you. 

Remember:  We return all materials, not used, with the finished quilt.

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