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Our quilting system stitches traditional patterns, nature, geometric, specialty, popular pantograph / Pantos, edge-to-edge, or any of hundreds of designs to suite your needs. We have many ways to personalize your quilt into a treasure.

Custom Quilters uses the best sewing technology - making precise accurate stitches on blocks, borders and overall designs / pantographs. Our designs software allows a pattern to be scaled precisely to fit your quilt. Some of the patterns can also be used as a border design. If there is a design that we do not have, send us the link and we will consider purchasing for your quilt.

Visit the designs pages to see the many quilting patterns that can be stitched on your quilt.


You supply needed fabric for binding or select a fabric from our store and add the charges to your bill. Please let us know your wishes.

We offer these Binding options include making a bias grain binding with mitered corners:
Curved Edge Machine Front only Customer finishes - Custom Quilters only applies to front and customer finishes.(Such as double wedding ring)
Straight Edge Machine Front only Customer finishes - Custom Quilters only applies to front and customer finishes.
Straight Edge Machine finish - Custom Quilters applies back and machine finishes front. Not available for curved edge quilts.
Straight Edge Machine Front + Hand stitch Back - Custom Quilters applies to front and hand finishes on back. Not available for curved edge quilts.

Bias Binding Calculation requires minimum 40" wide fabric without selvage.

Measure the four sides of the quilt and add 16 inches. Check the chart below for the amount of fabric needed. If you have special needs, please contact us...

Finished Binding

Up to 220 Inches

220 to 440 inches

440 to 660 inches

Single Approx ¼ “

½ yard

½ yard

1 yard

Double  Approx ¼ “

½ yard

1 yard

1 ½ yards

Single Approx ½”

½ yard

1 yard

1/ ½ yards

Double Approx ½”

1 yard

2 yards

3 yards



We can cut, sew and iron your back. You supply enough material for this, or we can choose a fabric from our store for you and add it to your bill.  
If sending backing, please leave at least eight inches longer and eight inches wider than your quilt top.  If your quilt top is 60” x 80”, the backing should measure 68” x 88”.


Basting (6"grid) as preparation for hand quilting

Special threads available on request – view Threads
All unused materials are shipped back to the customer.